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  1. 2021 Season Cancelled

Terms & Conditions

For the kids

1. I agree to keep and follow the HOOPS basketball rules and regulations and will carry them out to the best of my ability.

2. I agree to play safely, with respect for my fellow man, displaying good sportsmanship at all times.

3. I agree to cheerfully comply with decisions made by referees and coaches.

4. I agree to show honor and respect for my teammates by making it a priority to be at all practices and games.

5. I agree to pay for any damage I cause to property or equipment.

For the parents

1. I, as a parent of children in the HOOPS basketball program, give my approval to their participation in the HOOPS basketball program during the 2018 season and agree to hold my children accountable to the Children’s Terms and Conditions outlined above.

2. I understand that all coaches, referees and HOOPS Board members are volunteers and committed to HOOPS’s goals and objectives. While the coaches, referees and HOOPS board members welcome questions and comments I agree to refrain from public displays in any way critical of the coaching, referees or the HOOPS program.

3. I assume all risks incidental to participation in the HOOPS program and agree to hold harmless the HOOPS basketball program, the organizers, coaches, referees, facility owners and operators, any qualified physician, EMT, participants or persons transporting my children. I understand that any injury that may arise out of participation in the HOOPS basketball program must be reported to the coach or team official as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours after the injury occurred.

4. I acknowledge and represent that my children are in sound physical condition able to participate in this sport. In the event of an injury to my child, I hereby grant the authority to any qualified physician or EMT to render such emergency medical treatment, as they deem necessary under the circumstances. I also grant permission to any responsible person to seek medical assistance in the event of any injury.

5. I agree that at least one parent will attend the mandatory parent meeting on Tuesday, January 8th. I understand this is where I will receive important information about participation in the HOOPS program.

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