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HOOPS Mission Statement

(We are still in the process of ironing out some contradictions in our literature.  Thanks for bearing with us.)

The HOOPS basketball program is designed to be a Christian sports opportunity which provides home-educated students with an environment conducive to skill development, good sportsmanship and a positive recreational experience. We carry this out in a safe and respectful atmosphere[1] with instruction[2] and competition based on Biblical principles.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

Overarching Principles and Priorities

Our purpose is to glorify Jesus Christ[17] and encourage Christian character in each individual involved, whether they are players, coaches, referees, parent‐volunteers, or spectators.[18] The coaches carry this responsibility first, as they instruct players in basketball skills as well as in Christ‐like attitudes[19] and behavior on the court. If we expect the young people on our teams to “walk worthy”[20] of Christ as they play basketball, then we, the adults, must lead by example.[21]

There should never be a case where a spectator yells at the referee or at opposing players. [22] It is not the referee’s job to deal with crowd control issues. They need to keep their attention on the game and the players. Therefore, we are requiring our coaches and parents to be aware of spectators who are doing this and lovingly encourage them[23] to be self‐controlled[24] and be a positive witness for Jesus Christ.[25] We desire to give our children an opportunity to play basketball in an environment which glorifies and honors the living God.[26] Each adult plays an important role in making this happen.

Players as well, are to be self-controlled,[27] not disputing or voicing disagreement with the ruling of a referee. If a player does argue a call, it is the responsibility of the coach to remove him/her from the game immediately. [28] They are always welcome to ask a respectful question for the purpose of instruction.[29]

Along this same line, remember that most of our referees are volunteers. They do not receive compensation for their services. They are serving all of us, as a ministry. They will seek to do their best as unto the Lord Jesus, so let us make it as easy on them as possible. Remember, it is only a game and a bad call is not intentional, nor worth choosing to sin in our response. If you have concerns regarding a referee or how the game is being played, please go through proper channels.  First, bring your concern to your child’s coach and let him evaluate and deal with the situation as he deems best. We encourage the coaches to work together to work through issues and communicate issues with the referees. If you, as a coach, have a concern with a specific referee or another team that is not being resolved, please contact a member of the Board.

Once again, let me state that it is a game, and while winning is the objective in all competition, and we are definitely coaching the teams to win, nevertheless, there are other issues that are even more important.[30] Namely, disciplining the young people[31] – encouraging each to give their personal best,[32] maintain self‐control[33] in heated moments, be a team player, represent Jesus,[34] etc.

At times, one team will dominate another team. This is not always avoidable. We must each work toward good sportsmanship in these moments. If a team is up by 15‐20 points, the coach will do whatever he/she can to keep from running up the score. At times, this requires asking players to focus on fundamentals like “no dribbling‐only passing to move the ball.” Other times, the coach might have his good shooters work on assists while the poorer shooters are given the shots.[35]

It will be the coach’s job to make sure the team is ready to start on time, but parents can really help facilitate this be making sure the child is to the gym early, has his/her shirt tucked in and jewelry removed and has spent a few minutes preparing/praying to have a Christ‐centered focus prior to entering the gym. Team parents are also encouraged to ask the coach how they can assist with preparing the team prior to a game.[36] Remember, we do not own the gym and must honor the rental agreement. To keep costs down, we have not rented “lag” time. As a result, we do not have the option to start or end a game late. The game clock will start whether the teams are on the court or not and the game will end by the scheduled time.

Some basic reminders

— Each gymnasium used is a privilege for us. Use with care.[37]

— Children are to be kept in the gym, with the parents. We have not rented the rest of the facility.

–The gym and bathrooms are to be clean and neat and all lights turned off prior to locking up for the evening.

— Please be careful to keep food and drinks out of the gym buildings. Exception: food and drink is allowed in the CCC foyer. Water is ok anywhere. Messes are made to clean up 😉 and debris is for a basketball shot into a circular container. 😁

— Any child who is a minor must have a parent or an assigned adult at all practices and games.

— Gyms are available to HOOPS because of our reputation[38] in taking good care of them. Thank you!

— Dress code: team shirts are to be worn to all practices and games (once distributed), modest shorts or athletic pants, clean basketball or tennis shoes (non‐marking soles). If in doubt, ask.

— Team Parents and Coaches: monitor the facility during practice or game and remind others of proper conduct as needed. Last one to leave with final check for cleanliness in gym, bathroom and lights out.

Let’s have fun!  Let’s BE the Light and the Salt!  Let’s have a great season!

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